Just Math/Just Verbal Tucson SAT Prep Courses

Build Exceptional Math and Verbal Skills  and                        Score Higher on the SAT  —  Have More and Better College Choices and a Stronger, Brighter Academic Future 

Are you a parent who has a son or daughter with SATs on the horizon?  Or are you a student wondering how to get SAT scores that will be good enough to get you into the college of your dreams?

Just Math/Just Verbal Tucson SAT Prep offers Small Group SAT Classes (max 6 students), SAT tutorials, and Proctored Practice Tests that are focused on  fulfilling your SAT goals and upgrading your math and verbal skills.

SATs are a high school rite of passage.  Students dread them and parents consider them a hurdle to be gotten over.

Since the SAT tests a student’s overall verbal and mathematical knowledge and understanding,  to really boost scores students need to strengthen their weak subject areas and improve their foundational skills.

I provide in-depth small group classes and tutorials that can fill gaps and improve skills to give students SAT score gains, as well as an academic upgrade.


Just Math/Just Verbal Tucson SAT Courses 


Small Group SAT Classes, Tutoring, and Proctored SAT Practice Tests

Just Math/Just Verbal SAT Prep provides small group classes, individual tutoring, and proctored practice tests for both the verbal and the math portions of the test.   Students can choose to focus on the math and/or the verbal portion of the test. 

These offerings can be taken individually, as part of a series, or as part of a Test Prep Package.  There is a savings in purchasing a package or a series of classes or tutorials.  A further savings is available for combining classes with follow-up tutorials.   

Classes  (2 1/3 hrs., max 6 students)   Classes work through the verbal or math practice tests in the College Board’s The Official SAT Study Guide.   $85/class for a series of 4 – 7 classes, so  for 4 – 7 classes the cost will range from $340 – $595 depending on how many classes you sign up for.  Class size is limited to 6 students so that each student gets individual help and attention. 

Tutoring (one-on-one)  Tutorials go through the College Board’s The Official SAT Study Guide.  Tutoring can be scheduled as stand alone sessions, or as a follow up to classes.  $60 – $90/hour, depending on if the tutorials are part of a series of tutorials, and if they are bundled with a series of classes.  Longer and shorter time slots are available, and are priced differently.

Summer Book Group (max 8 students).   Students will read one fiction work and one non-fiction work, focusing on vocabulary, comprehension, and a critical look at the ideas presented in the non-fiction work.  $168 for the 6 week Summer Book Group.

Just Verbal Test Prep Package  This package includes 6 Verbal Prep classes (14 hours of class) plus 1 Proctored Practice Test.  $510 for the package.  Class size is limited to 6 students.

Just Math Test Prep Package ( with or without added tutoring)  This package includes 6 Math Prep classes (14 hours of class)  plus 1 Proctored Practice Test.  $510 for the package.  6 1-hour follow-up tutorials can be added to the classes.  $840 for the package bundled with the 6 tutorials.  Class size is limited to 6 students.

Mostly Math Test Prep Package (with or without added tutoring)   This package includes 6 Math Classes, 2 Verbal Classes, and 1 Proctored Practice Test.  $660 for the package.  This can also be bundled with 6 1-hour tutorials.  $990 for the package combined with the tutorials.  Class size is limited to 6 students.

Proctored Practice Tests  (max 12 students)  Practice tests help students gauge where they are at and let them practice test taking skills.  These timed practice tests can be a real reality check, and therefore quite motivating.  $60 for the 3 hour proctored test.

The Verbal SAT Prep offerings focus on helping students improve their vocabulary, their reading  and writing skills, and their ability to understand and analyze what they have read, so that they can improve their fundamental verbal skills and up their SAT test scores.

The Math SAT Prep offerings help students remember, tie together, and connect mathematical concepts that were taught in bits and pieces over a period of two to three years, so that they can improve their foundational math skills and raise their SAT test scores. 

More detailed information is available on the SAT Verbal Prep and the SAT Math Prep pages.  The Price Charts page contains an overview of all pricing with price charts.


The Just Math/Just Verbal SAT Prep Difference

There are many things that set  Just Math/Just Verbal SAT Prep apart from other SAT prep services.  Here are a few :

  • Small classes — with a maximum of 6 students for math and verbal prep classes, and 8 students for the Summer Book Group.  Small classes provide students with more personal help and individual attention. 
  • A choice of math or verbal classes — so students can focus their time and energy on the area that they most want to improve.
  • Flexibility in choosing your class schedule — flexible scheduling lets students choose specific dates within a given time frame.
  • More in-depth study than an overview course — the small classes and tutoring support a real skills upgrade, and thus yield better test results than can be gotten from overview courses.  Big overview courses may give students a sense of what the test is going to be like, but studies tend to concur that they rarely provide a real improvement in test scores. 
  • For Verbal Skills an emphasis on analysis and critical thinking — we cover vocabulary and grammar, but we we also work on understanding and critquing what students read.
  • For Math, in-depth working of problems in the practice tests, and more repetition — we break problems down into the component knowledge and skills needed to solve them, and provide follow up by working additional problems that are similar, and assigning review problems.  Students should end up with a real upgrade in their math skills.
  • A Price break for combining tutorials with classes — choosing to combine classes with follow up tutorials saves money!
  • A Focus on improving fundamental math and/or verbal skills — along with improving SAT scores, I want students to gain a higher level of verbal and mathematical mastery and thus end up with an overall academic upgrade.



Other Considerations

So how long will this take?   SAT Prep  …  a 100 mile Trail run, rather than a 50 meter sprint

Major improvements in your SAT score can require A LOT of time and effort.   Advantage, one of the best (and most expensive) test prep companies, suggests that students spend a year preparing for the SAT.   And while a year of prep may not be the best fit, or even possible, for every student, it is also clear that for most students real gains are not going to be made without a fair amount of time and effort. 

It helps to have goals and a timeline for the entire process.  A longer time frame is nice because it allows students to tackle the material in a steady, organized fashion, and it leaves time for breaks and circling back to subjects that need a second pass.

Prepping for the SAT is better strategized as a 100 mile trail run than as a 50 meter sprint.  And there is no substitute for preparing.  There is no substitute for work.  A more detailed discussion of this is available on my blog.


So isn’t all this SAT Prep a lot of work?     Yes….. but there will be multiple payoffs, including raising scores on college math placement exams!

This may seem like a huge investment in time and energy and money.  IT IS.  But getting into the college of your choice, possibly with a scholarship, is a big deal.  And all of this work should result in stronger fundamentals that will make succeeding in college easier.

In addition, when it comes to the math, the skills gained can be the difference between students doing well or doing poorly on their college’s math placement exam.

Students that do poorly on college math placement exams will be required to take prerequisite math courses that don’t count as college credit, but that you still pay college tuition for.  Students that do well will be able to go straight into the required college level math courses.

So all that in-depth math work can pay off with a rather substantial silver lining.  A more detailed discussion of this is available on my blog.


Contact info and Location

You can reach me at


This phone number is a landline, not a cell phone, so you cannot text me — but please feel free to email or call.  I’d love to chat.

Just Math/Just Verbal SAT Prep is located in Tucson, Arizona near River and Campbell.


Different students, Different strategies

Clearly how much time, energy and money you want to invest in SAT prep depends on the student and his or her background and goals.

Some students may be able to prep all on their own.  Most students, however, will benefit greatly from the  support and help that they can get from classes and/or tutorials.

Parental support and commitment really really helps,  but at the end of the day, it is the student who has to decide how much time and effort they are willing to put into this undertaking.

This will vary from student to student and my goal is to get them to where they want to go.   A more in-depth consideration of this is available on my blog.


About me…

I grew up in West Lafayette, Indiana, home of Purdue University, where my father was a History Professor.  I come from a long line of teachers and  I always seem to have taught.

I have 12+ years of classroom experience teaching programming and computer related subjects, and 10+ years of experience tutoring SAT & ACT prep, math (fundamentals through calculus), and computer programming.

My bachelor’s degree and first master’s degree were in the humanities, and my second master’s degree was in the sciences, so I enjoy thinking from both sides of my brain.  SAT Prep is the perfect niche for me because I get to do the analytical work of math, but I also get to have the fun of reading and thinking about what I’ve read.

I want my students to improve their SAT scores.  I also hope that some of my academic enthusiasm rubs off on them so that they are instilled with a greater sense of the enjoyment and fulfillment that can come with employing and embracing the skill sets of the mind.

For additional biographical information, go to the About Me page.

B.A. Religious Studies, Purdue University, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Society
M.A. Religious Studies, University of Windsor
M.S. Computer Science, University of Michigan





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