Understanding and Familiarity are NOT the same as Mastery!

 Emotional and Intellectual Fortitude Required!!

It requires a certain amount of emotional and intellectual fortitude to do the hard work required in studying for the SAT.  High school students are usually just beginning to develop that kind of sticktoittiveness — nobody really likes doing that kind of hard work.

Coupled with this, students seem to have a intrinsic tendency to over estimate their knowledge and skill level.   They often equate understanding, or being familiar with material, with having mastered that material.  Students tend to think that if they’ve understood it, they’ve got it.  And of course if they’ve got it — no point in working on it.

With math in particular, nothing could be further from the truth.   Unless you are in a league with Newton, Einstein, and Hawking, mastering math is going to require practice — lots and lots of practice.

Proctored practice tests, classes and tutoring provide the reality check, the support, the environment, and the tools needed for creating understanding, encouraging hard work, and gaining real mastery.

Proctored tests let a student know where they really stand.  Classes provide a run through and review of problems and material.  Follow up tutoring creates a degree of accountability, and encourages students to buckle down and work the assigned review problems.

Proctored tests, classes and tutoring can all test a student’s ability to do a problem.  They can determine if a student has an illusion of mastery based on the fact that the material looks familiar, or real mastery that will actually result in superior test scores.


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