So is all this SAT Prep Worth It?  Isn’t it a lot of work? Yes…..but

This may seem like a huge investment in time and energy and money.  IT IS.

But getting into the college of your choice, possibly with a scholarship, is a big deal.

And realize that the skills gained are going to be precisely the skills needed for  students to succeed once they get to college.  Those improved skills can mean the difference between students feeling like they are always struggling just to get by, or feeling like success just requires enough elbow grease.

And when it comes to the math, the skills gained can be the difference between students doing well or doing poorly on their college’s math placement exam.

Students that do poorly on college math placement exams will be required to take prerequisite math courses that don’t count as college credit, but that you still pay college tuition for.  Students that do well will be able to go straight into the required college level math courses.

College Math Placement Exam Flow Chart

As a math tutor in Tucson, I can’t tell you how many University of Arizona college students I’ve helped who were taking required-but-not-for-college-credit math courses because they went through the end of their high school math career running on fumes and then did poorly on the U of A math placement exam.  SAT math work can improve those placement exam scores!!!!

So in addition to improving SAT results, SAT prep yields the silver lining that students enter college better prepared.  And the math prep may save money on college tuition and help avoid the scenario where a student  ends up taking 9 or 10 semesters to graduate.  Serious prep can mean a serious academic upgrade!


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