Getting Ready to Work, versus Working

It is a lot easier to get ready to work than to actually work.  It is a lot easier to review material by reading over it rather than covering up the answers and working the problem from scratch.

Sadly, improvements in scores are only going to come from the hard mental work that comes with practice.  Skills need to be automatic if you want to see gains on test scores, and the only way to achieve that level of mastery is through solving problems from scratch, without looking at the solution before you start.

If it is hard to get going, then grit your teeth, and sit down and do just two problems  Or set a timer and work solidly and hard for 15 minutes … you can do anything for 15 mintues.  Promise yourself you can quit when the timer rings.  It is sometimes a lot easier to get yourself started if you promise yourself that you won’t have to endure it for a long time.   And if you work for 20 minutes or do three problems, no one is going to complain.

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